Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Well a very cool thing is happening tomorrow. A new radar is going to be tested in Washington state. Technically its not a new type of radar, but it is the latest addition the the NWS radar network.

All ready to go.
You could call this radar a "gap filling" radar. Before areas between the KATX (Seattle) and KRTX (Portland) radars received poor coverage due to distance between the radars and mountainous regions. Also the radar will scan below 0.5* elevation.

The radar site is located approximately 3 miles east of Copalis Beach in Grays Harbor County. Tomorrow at approximately 9am Pacific time the radar will be turned on for testing. Thankfully due to the radar program I have I will be able to view the data as it comes in! Once testing is finished the radar will be upgraded to Dual Polarity. The radar is expected to go officially go on-line about September 30th.
I will post tomorrow with some of the test images.

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