Thursday, April 18, 2013

West, Tx Explosion Video

By now I'm sure everyone has heard of the explosion in the town of West, Texas. Also I'm sure everyone has seen the two cell phone videos that captured the explosion.

What I decided to do was put those videos together into one video. Using the flash from the explosion as a reference point, I was able to sync both videos together giving the viewer a look at the same event from two different angles.

Using an aerial photograph and landmarks in both videos, I was able to determine the location where both videos were shot. See the photo below
What you also see in the photo is that the entire chemical plant was obliterated. The railroad tracks to the left of the plant in the photo were almost fused together by the blast. There was also a playground that was completely destroyed. Just beyond that is the nursing home and apartment that were also completely destroyed.

Below is the video I synced up. On the left is the Father and his daughter. On the right is Erick Perez.
After the explosion the cloud resembled a nuclear mushroom cloud.
Hopefully the town can recover from this disaster. Send your thoughts and prayers.