Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Its that time of the season.....

Boy talk about beautiful weather! Currently at 0653 its 65*F at the Pasadena EOC. Its 67* at Hobby and 60* at the Big Airport! Winds a light right no but might increase as the day wears on. The next 5 days look great temperature wise for the Houston area. Highs in the lower 90s with low humidity. Lows in the upper to lower 60s depending where you are. Sadly still no rain in sight.

Tropics Watch!
Hurricane Katia has weakened again. But her forecast track still has her passing well off shore of the East Coast.

There is a new Depression to the East of Katia. Tropical Depression 14 formed Monday afternoon. According to the NHC, 14 is near tropical storm strength. The latest update has 14 at 12.0N, 39.9W. While normally TC (Tropical Cyclones), that form in this area at this time usually under go rapid intensification, the models are showing 14 to slowly gain strength over the next few days. The latest track has 14 potentially passing close to PR and the Virgin Islands.

Tropical Depression 14

The newest area of interest sits in the Southern Gulf of Mexico. The NHC has seen some sighs of organization with this system. They give it a 60% chance of developing into a tropical system. An Airforce Hurricane Hunter will investigate later today. Early models show this system, whether it develops or not, will either move West into Mexico or track East toward the Northern Gulf. Basically leaving Texas high and dry.

NOTE: The "*" used after the temperatures above is to represent the degree symbol unless other wise noted.

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