Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New life for the blog? 1-1-2013 (Wx Fact #1)

Well its 2013, and I think its time I finally start using it for something. That something will be weather facts. From the calendar "WEATHER". Every day on the calendar has an event listed that occurred on that day in history. It is those events that I will hope to bring you throughout the year. Since I do work, I won't set a specific time during the day that I will post them. So they may be posted anytime during the day.

Also, I hope to include any other facts or interesting stuff along with it. These will mainly focus on astronomy. Sometimes the posted will be included in one big post, sometimes two separate ones.

So let's begin!

Wx Fact #1:
1886: The coldest start to a New Year ever (in Norway). Karasjok set Norway's all-time coldest temperature of -61 degrees. Karasjok also holds Norway's greatest range in temperature (comparing its coldest/hottest readings). The range: 151 degrees (90 its record highest reading).

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